Choice of Materials

There is no other building material that matches wood for its combination of warmth, resilience, and versatility.

Choice of Materials

We offer over 26 types of siding and continue to add more. Three types of Cedar, Douglas Fir, White Fir, Pine and Southern Yellow Pine are the primary species we offer. We also specialize in creating unique and creative patterns from these and other types of wood. All of these items are available in a variety of high quality grades, clear and knotty.


Yes it is possible to buy real wood that will stand the test of time. When it comes to natural beauty and long lasting performance, no other material equals wood. We have selected proven performers such as Clear and Select Tight Knot Cedar, Appearance Grade White Fir and Clear Douglas Fir.

We offer pre-staining of any wood product we sell. Four sides are treated to protect the wood. We can use any stain or paint from the manufacturer of your choice

Grades & Specifications


  • Select Knotty – A practical material for the builder or homeowner who desires quality appearance and durability. Kiln dried and surfaced smooth this product has a rustic charm and has no knotholes.
  • Clear D/Better – Mostly free of knots with very few defects. One out of five boards may have one knot or defect.
  • Clear Heart VG – The ultimate in durability and appearance. Fine vertical grain heartwood, should only be specified when only the best will suffice. This exclusive product is stocked in Portland. Allow 2 weeks for delivery


  • Clear, Heart B, B Grade – Top quality, and grade stamped grades, ideal where beauty and appearance are critical. Clear and B Grade have a combination of heartwood and sapwood. Heart B is all heartwood (red).
  • Rustic Common or Heart – A natural durable grade containing knots. Heart is all red; white common contains sapwood and heartwood

White Fir

  • #1 Select Knotty - We proudly offer Sierra Pacific Industries Premium White Fir. Sierra Pacific exceeds the standards for grading and manufacturing creating sturdy grade with smaller knots and very little defects. White Fir is light in color and accepts stain and paints much like cedar and can be half the price of cedar in the same grade.

Douglas Fir

  • #1/Btr or Select Knotty - Warm red and blonde tones with varied knots make this a great rustic siding. This grade of siding is typically supplied as 1 ½” or thicker.
  • Clear VG - Fine straight grain and even tone and texture make this the perfect siding for a clean refined look. The durability of vertical grain Douglas fir is witnessed by century old homes with siding still intact. This product is generally milled to your specifications.

Cedar Board & Batten Siding

Board-and-batten is a vertical design created using wide clear or knotty cedar boards spaced apart with narrower boards (battens) covering the joins. There is no set board or batten widths - various combinations are used to create different looks suitable for large or small-scale applications. A frequent combination is 1"x3" battens and 1"x10" boards. This can also be reversed with boards installed over battens to create a deep channel effect. Board-on Board siding is a vertical design utilizing a wider batten to create even spaced appearance. A frequent combination is 1”x6” boards over 1”x10” boards creating a 6” on 6” profile.

Rough sawn boards or boards surfaced on one side and two edges (S1S2E) are commonly used for board-and-batten siding. Sizes are from 1"x 2" to 1"x12".

Cedar Tongue and Groove Siding

Tongue and groove is widely used for its good looks and versatility. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, each method giving a distinctly different look. Tongue and groove siding is available with rough or smooth faces. The joints between adjoining pieces are usually v-shaped but flush jointed, reveal and radius joints are also available. The different joints and surface textures in tongue and groove siding combine to provide a range of shadow line effects that enhance the product's versatility.

Tongue and groove siding is manufactured in clear grades suitable for a more refined, elegant appearance, particularly when pieces are smooth faced. Knotty grades are most popular for their rustic, casual look.

Cedar Lap Siding

Lap sidings are normally supplied in a variety of patterns either clear or knotty grades and with a smooth or saw textured face.

Channel siding is a popular type of lap siding and is used whenever a rustic appearance is desired. A versatile siding, it can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. In channel siding, the profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it creating a channel that gives shadow line effects, provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement. When custom milling a lap or shiplap siding, the amount of reveal can be modified from flush up to 2”.

Cedar Bevel Siding

Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used siding type. Resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other produces it. The manufacturing process results in pieces with one face saw textured. The other face is smooth or saw textured depending on the grade and customer preference. Bevel siding is installed horizontally and gives an attractive shadow line, which varies with the thickness of siding selected. Rabbetted bevel siding is notched on the bottom backside to allow the siding courses to “stack” creating consistent course lines and easy installation.

Bevel siding is available in clear and knotty grades. Clear siding gives premium appearance and is ideal for smooth surface applications. Knotty siding typically has a rough face and used in applications where a rustic appearance is desired.

Hewn & Wavy Edge Siding

The rustic charm of hand hewn stacked timber home can be achieved with our unique hewn siding. Our Channel Lap siding is specially milled and dried to meet our highest standards. A resawn texture is standard, but we offer three patterns of hewing and it can be used with or without chinking. Slab siding refers to planks gapped with chinking.

Haida Skirl wavy edge siding combines the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar with a unique process that creates a deep textured edge.

White Fir Siding

We proudly offer Sierra Pacific Industries Premium White Fir. Sierra Pacific exceeds the standards for grading and manufacturing creating sturdy grade with smaller knots and very little defects. White Fir is light in color and accepts stain and paints much like cedar and can be half the price of cedar in the same grade. Patterns include: 1x8 & 2x12 Channel Rustic, 1x6 Tongue & Groove, and 1x8 Rbt Bevel and custom patterns.