Choice of Materials

We offer Douglas Fir timber from our Denver yard, and Douglas Fir and Cedar timbers from our Portland locations.


  • Box Heart – Timber sawn from the whole tree with the heart at the center. Typically large dimension and value-oriented timbers are box-heart. Checking can occur that may run to the length of the timber.
  • Free-of-Heart – The timber is sawn to exclude the heart of the tree, creating a more stable timber, especially in small to mid dimensions. Also tends to check much less than box-heart.
  • Air Dried – Timbers can dry as much as 10% 1” in about 30 days in an arid climate.
  • Kiln Dried - We use new generation dehumidification kilns to dry timber our timber. This process works extremely well on timbers up to 6” thick. This is the most economical way to start stabilizing timber.
  • Microwave Kiln Dried – Dried through radio frequency from the core, these timbers have more consistent moisture content throughout.


  • S4S – Timbers surfaced 4 sides smooth through a planer. We will surface the timber to ½” below full size, except for kiln dried 8” and lager timbers that will be surfaced to ¾” under full size.
  • Rough – Mill rough textures typically have torn raised grain and the texture can vary slightly. Our stock is Full Sawn sized to the even number dimension.
  • Re-Sawn – Milling a timber through band saw creates a fine sawn appearance that is slightly smaller in dimension, but uniform, square and clean.
  • Wire Brushed – Wire brushing removes the soft grain creating raised grain, giving the timbers natural looking aged appearance.
  • Hewn - We offer a variety of hewing techniques to create a rustic appearance. There are three patterns, Standard, Radius and Anderson Hewn. In addition to hewn textures, we can add axe marks and wire brushing to create a more rustic appearance.

Species and Grades


Western red Cedar offers the advantages of dimensional stability, natural beauty and decay resistance.

  • Appearance Knotty - A practical material for the builder or homeowner who desires quality appearance and durability.
  • #2 Clear - The ultimate in durability and appearance. This grade should be specified when the finest quality rough lumber is desired. Fine grain heartwood with minimal defects.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir timbers are the best value when a structural timber is required. From rustic charm to simple elegance, we have the ability to specify grade, dryness and texture to meet your needs.

  • Select Structural – A specified grade for structural strength with straighter grain and smaller knots. This grade does have a better appearance than #2 and tends to shrink and check less. A large portion of our 3”, 4” and 6” timbers is Select structural.
  • #1/Better – A practical material for the builder or homeowner who desires quality appearance and durability. These timbers are our primary stock in our Denver and Boise yards. All timbers are cut to full sawn size and are graded to be exposed.
  • #2/Better – Allows for larger knots and defects and has a lower structural rating than #1/Btr.
  • Clear – The ultimate in durability and appearance. Fine grain heartwood.
  • Fine Grain – We can specify timbers as “Fine Grain” or “Old Growth”. These timbers come regions were the trees grow at a slower rate, creating a fine grain and even texture. We have found that this type of fiber is very stable, especially when combined with kiln drying.