Choice of Materials

We offer three species of trim boards, in two to three grades.


We distribute Kiln Dried Trim suited for the dry Colorado climate. We find that a re-sawn texture on the face will hold paint and stain better than a smooth face. We offer pre-staining of any wood product we sell. Four sides are treated to protect the wood. We can use any stain or paint from the manufacturer of your choice



  • Select Knotty – Often referred to as STK, our 7/8” trim boards are #3/Btr Inland Red Cedar and 2” boards are Select Knotty. A practical material for the builder or homeowner who desires quality appearance and durability. Kiln dried and surfaced smooth this product has a rustic charm and has no knotholes.
  • Clear D/Better – Mostly free of knots with very few defects. One out of five boards may have one knot or defect.
  • A Clear – This is a fine appearance grade that allows only slightly more growth characteristics than Clear Heart. Pieces are of mixed grain, (vertical and flat) and are graded to one face.
  • Clear Heart VG - The ultimate in durability and appearance. Fine vertical grain heartwood. Should only be specified when only the best will suffice. This exclusive product is stocked in Portland. Allow 2 weeks for delivery

White Fir

  • #1 Select Knotty – We proudly offer Sierra Pacific Industries Premium White Fir. Sierra Pacific exceeds the standards for grading and manufacturing creating sturdy grade with smaller knots and very little defects. White Fir is light in color and accepts stain and paints much like cedar and can be half the price of cedar in the same grade.

Douglas Fir

  • #1/Btr or Select Knotty - Warm red and blonde tones with varied knots make this a great rustic siding. We offer a full sawn 2” trim board dried and re-textured on four sides. This creates an even dimension board that is reversible.
  • Clear D/Better - Mostly free of knots with very few defects. This is an economical “clear” grade, with just a little character. Characteristics, which may appear on this grade, are: small occasional knots, varied grain, pitch steaks and stain. One out of five boards may have one knot. Available in 1” and 2” surfaced boards
  • Clear VG
    C/Btr – This grade is recommended and widely used for interior and exterior trim, cabinetwork, garage doors and similar uses where a high quality finish is important. Fine straight grain and even tone and texture make this the perfect trim for a clean refined look. This trim is generally supplied with smooth faces and edges.
    B/Btr – A supreme grade used when the finest finish is important, this grade has limitations on defects and ring count per inch.